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Ien Van Houten
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Feed your body and mind the best pure, natural, and wild elements the planet has to offer. Science is proving what people have known for millennia — algae and fungi are teeming with compounds that can sustain your health and give you control of your life. Combined with enzymes and probiotics for supporting a healthy internal ecosystem—Wild Essentials is the most effective whole food combination on the planet.

If you're wondering if Earth's First Foods can really change your life, remember this: they changed a planet.
Wild Essentials
60 Packets

Algae and mushrooms are nature's two great alchemists, the prime movers of our planet's ecosystem. Combined with digestive enzymes and probiotics, Wild Essentials can transform your health. They are Earth's First FoodsTM. Science shows a vast array of benefits including:

  • Boosts physical performance and immune function*
  • Improves cardiovascular, digestive, and mental health*
  • Supplies Omega-3 and Omega-6 EFAs, a complete amino acid profile, and beta glucans in their most bioavailable forms
  • Provides over 60 micronutrients and 130 triterpenoids

Foods that transformed a planet (imagine what they can do for you!)

Each box contains 60 Wild Essentials packets
Each Essential packet contains: 1 Mind, 1 Body, 1 Acidophilus, 1 Bifidus, and 1 Enzymes.
Each Wild packet contains: 3 Wild Water, 3 Wild Earth,
3 Wild Forest

Investing in your health should yield returns. If you don't notice better health, we want you to keep your money. Get your core ESSENTIALS products in a month's supply of convenient daily packets, ready to slip in your pocket or purse and take with you anywhere you go. Feel the difference that Wild MicroalgaeTM, digestive enzymes, and probiotics can have on your health.

  • Supplies a broad range of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and vital micronutrients
  • Supports good digestion and nutrient absorption*

Each box includes 30 packets
Each packet containins 5 capsules: 1 Body, 1 Mind,
1 Acidophilus, 1 Bifidus, and 1 Enzymes.

ESSENTIALS™ - 30 Packets

Earth's First Foods

The Whole Algae.

Feed your body the best food on earth. New Earth's organic Wild Microalgae® is one of the most profoundly nourishing foods on the planet, rich in a wide spectrum of phytonutrients, plant-based proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other micronutrients. It is also an adaptogen, meaning it supports the body's ability to resist stress and normalize itself. It helps bring things into balance, regardless of where you're starting from.* Body is whole Wild Microalgae, including its highly digestible cell walls, which are a rich source of proteins and polysaccharides providing premium nutrients for our tissues and cells.

Feed your mind the best food on earth. Mind is a concentration of the nutrients in our organic Wild Microalgae, created by carefully removing the algae's cell wall through our proprietary solvent-free process, producing an abundant source of raw materials for enhancing brain activity. The amino acids included provide the building blocks of the healthy nerve cells and neurotransmitters vital for optimal brain and nervous system function.*

The Heart of the Algae.
Wild Algae Blend
Wild Microalgae Powder

This is the superfood that launched a wild wellness revolution. Wild Algae Blend is an organic blend of equal parts Body (our Wild Microlgae processed to emphasize its physical benefits) and Mind (the Wild Microalgae processed to focus its mental impact). Ideal for adding to foods, shakes, and pet foods, Blend gives you the original New Earth products in convenient powder form.

Protect and balance your internal ecology. Essentials Blend brings together a combination of Body and Enzymes, our proprietary probiotic blend of 12 different strains of live beneficial bacteria. It features organic wheat sprouts, adding a concentrated dose of vitamins, phytonutrients, and essential antioxidants in convenient powder form suitable for adding to foods or shakes.

Essentials Blend
Full Spectrum Nutrition.
Essentials Blend

Full Spectrum Nutrition
Plus Joint Support

Essentials Blend Plus brings together a combination of Wild Body, our proprietary blend of 12 different live beneficial bacteria, 15 plant-based enzymes, and organic wheat sprouts, adding vitamins, phytonutrients, and essential antioxidants. Essentials Blend Plus also contains vegetable glucosamine HCl. Balance your internal ecology with Essentials Blend Plus.

Medicinal mushrooms have enhanced the immune system for centuries. Defend is a proprietary blend of reishi, cordyceps, maitake, shiitake, turkey tail, and Agaricus blazei—six organic mushrooms that support the immune system—combined with astragalus, beta glucan, and microalgae.*

Immune System Support*

Digestives and Probiotics

Optimal Digestion*.

Enzymes are the primary building block of healthy digestion. In addition to helping digest your food better, they increase your ability to absorb and assimilate the nutrients from your food, helping increase the nutrient value from your diet.* Enzymes contain a proprietary blend of 15 different plant-based food enzymes, microblended with Wild Microalgae. Algae supplies the enzymes with specific vitamins, minerals, and other cofactors to help the body assimilate a complete range of nutrients from your food. In a world where medications for digestive problems are the norm, our experience with tens of thousands of happy customers comes down to two words: enzymes work!

With the aid of 12 natural plant-based enzymes, Enzymes Plus unlocks the nutrition potential in all foods, helping release powerful micronutrients. It breaks down fat, protein, fiber, and starch, preventing energy lulls after big meals.

Enzymes Plus
Enjoy Meals Again
Upper GI Tract Probiotic.

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a key "good guy" bacteria for helping maintain the health and optimal functioning of the digestive system. It especially serves the small intestine, where much of our nutrition is actually absorbed into the body through the bloodstream to our billions of cells.* Acidophilus contains a single pure strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1, specifically cultivated to promote intestinal health.* A tiny amount (170 mg) of Wild Microalgae is added to provide the live acidophilus cells with optimal nourishment.

Bifidobacterium bifidum is a beneficial bacteria that dwells naturally in the human gastrointestinal (GI) system (and especially in the lower GI tract). These bacteria work with other lactic acid bacteria, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, to promote a healthy internal ecology, support immune function, and promote overall good health.* A tiny amount of Wild Microalgae is added to provide the live bifidus cells with optimal nourishment.

Lower GI Tract Probiotic.
Full Spectrum Probiotic.

This is vibrant health from the inside out. Probiotics are what we call the "good guys," the beneficial intestinal flora that help you maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract and protect your body during times of illness or stress." Spectrabiotic brings together 12 different strains of premium probiotic, each selected for its unique contribution to our internal ecology. Together with a blend of inulin and Wild Microalgae, it provides ideal nourishment for the live probiotic cells and helps promote their healthy growth and optimal function.*

Premium Blends

Get the full spectrum of earth's original superfood. Imagine the power of algae from the sea, growing so prolifically it shows up as gigantic swirling currents on images recorded from space by NASA satellites, combined with the famously nutrient-dense profile of freshwater microalgae chlorella, spirulina, and our own Wild Microalgae. Nine colorful algae combine to bring a unique richness of minerals and phytonutrients from the lake and sea to your table—that's Wild Water, a formula containing dulse, kelp, fucoidan, Ecklonia cava, bladderwrack, Dunaliella salina, spirulina, chlorella and pure Wild Microalgae.

Premium Organic Algae Blend.
Premium Organic Mushroom Blend.

From the dawn of history, every culture on earth has foraged for wild mushrooms as food and medicine. Modern science has taken our understanding to the next level and confirmed that ancient truth: mushrooms are among the most powerful foods on earth. New Earth has created an organic mushroom blend that brings the power of these revered botanicals together in a single combination: Wild Forest, a proprietary blend of reishi, maitake, cordyceps, wild black trumpet, and Poria cocos, designed to support a healthy immune system and an energetic life.*

Tap into the pure wildness of nature in the raw. Meet Wild Earth, a proprietary blend of kale sprouts, red clover sprouts, wheat sprouts, and Dunaliella salina algae. Rich in chlorophyll, glutathione, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, Wild Earth combines the best of nature's antioxidants to nourish your body with pure goodness.

Premium Organic Sprout Blend.

Wild On-The-Go

Wild On-the-Go.

New Earth's BG Bar sports an incredibly complex and balanced nutritional role. Providing a rich diversity of complex and simple carbohydrates (for a long-lasting "steady burn"), high-quality fats and essential fatty acids, and complete, highly assimilable protein, each BG Bar gets its all-natural goodness from a wealth of healthful ingredients. No artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, or artificial anything. Who knew superfoods could taste so good?

Personal Care

Nutrabeautiful's nourishing antioxidant formula lotion is ideal for all skin types and people of all ages and is particularly effective for dry, distressed, and sensitive skin. Organic antioxidants recondition skin exposed to the environment and help smooth rough spots. Mildly citrus scented, Nutrabeautiful is fortified with high performance levels of WGP® beta glucan, Wild Microalgae, organic aloe vera, and other premium natural ingredients. It's the ultimate moisturizer for healthy skin.

NutraBeautiful Lotion
Redefining Youth
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