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NutraBeautiful Lotion



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Nutrabeautiful’s™ rich and nourishing antioxidant formula lotion is ideal for all skin types and people of all ages, but is particularly effective for dry, distressed, more mature, and sensitive skin. Natural and organic antioxidants recondition skin exposed to the elements and environment, and help smooth rough, dry skin. Mildly citrus scented, Nutrabeautiful is fortified with high performance levels of WGP™ beta glucan, organic Wild Microalgae™, organic aloe vera, and other premium, natural ingredients. Ultimate moisturizer for healthy looking skin

Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Beneficial natural antioxidant conditioning
Helps skin retain moisture, elasticity, and vitality

"This product is: Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and GMO Free."

Shelf life:  18 months
Storage Recommendation:  Keep in a cool, dry place.

Charles Leslie 3 years ago

Recently the weather was cold and my hands started cracking all over. I decided to apply the NutraBeautiful several times throughout the night and the next day I woke up and my hands were much better. This lotion is wonderful to have around in the winter and summer for dry or sun exposed skin.